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Hi guys! :)


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Hi everybody! My name is David! Just became a Coldplay fan last year.. and now they're my favorite band! :D First time I heard them was from the song "The Scientist" ... probably my all time favorite! and after listening to other songs and also MX.. I just became addicted! I hope to make some friends here and be part of this awesome community!!

From NC, US!!

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Hey there David and welcome to the awesome Coldplaying.com!! :dance: Hope you love it here as much as I do. :nice:

Oh and I was happy to see how much you love The Scientist because it is my favorite song, as well!!!! :D It's just so beautiful and powerful.

And my name is Glyn, btw. :happy:

Anyway, have fun here on this lovely forum!!

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Paint your skin yellow and color your eyes green (contact lens?). Walk around the scenic spring roads of Japan and watch couples under the reign of love happily pass by. Who knows you might find the princess of China in a vacation to Japan basking in its beauty? If so, try to befriend her, or at least until the night, and take the chance to sing her the Chinese Sleep Chant before you bid her goodnight. If you find yourself in trouble, don't panic. Stay calm and remember that such pain hurts just like heaven, especially after your find your way out. And if you need help badly, worry not, because help is just around the corner. Just send everyone a transmission, a hopeful one, and don't forget to talk. But if no one heeds your call, don't let it break your heart. Instead, try to hear a faint whisper which will help you. Enjoy your life under the daylight. But remember, the clocks are there to remind you of the time you have to go home, to paradise, where we all want to go unconsciously. Before that time, long live your life. And whatever happens, smile because remember, God put that smile upon your face :)


Well, Clocks was the first one I heard, but my Coldplaying started with The Scientist.


Anyway, Welcome to Coldplaying ... And Happy Old Yar!

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