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your coldplaying momnets of 2003


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what a cool thread!


i can`t say that the moment i joined was my coldplaying moment of 2003 cuz i`m an old ass and joined in 2002 but...


1. the moment i became a moderator and a jornalist.

2. when i got in and found out there was a happy birthday weedy_gonzalez thread waiting for me (it was waaay sweet).

3. when i got my award

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my coldplaying moment! hmm well

1) converting my old form tutor to Coldplay, that was an interesting moment!

2) Hearing Moses for the first time (YES I LOVE IT!!!!!!!)

3) Even though I've been on this board for awhile, it was this year that I REALLY made friends with all you wonderful people. So cheers for making me proud to be a coldplay fan! :)

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My coldplaying moment of 2003 was when I came on the board for the first time.


And when I went to see them.


BTW I love you all even musiclover

not one spelling error good job ;)


I am that bad with me spelling. I will let u into something most of the time I am in here. I am at work speaking and dealing with customers over the phone. I will make a note of trying to spell.

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