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B-Sides: Their Best Work


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In my opinion, most of Coldplay's B-Sides are there best work.

I'm talking about these tracks, I Ran Away,Animals,Bloom Blaum, Moving To Mars, Carefull Where You Stand and more....


It's like the tracks where not to commercial enough to put on the excual albums.


I also like the albums, there are good songs on it. But i think, the b-sides are the most artistic ones.

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Which makes it all the more a shame that we only got one b-side from the MX era. And it was excellent, too... makes you wonder what other fantastic material they're sitting on just because it doesn't fit the 'style' of the album and stuff :P


Hopefully somebody from EMI will leak their vaults one day or something XD


I never understand when record companies get annoyed about people leaking/pirating unreleased material, it's not like they were going to make money from it anyway...

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I live in hope that one day maybe EMI will see sense and release deluxe editions of the albums, featuring the original albums, the b-sides from that era, radio session tracks & some unreleased demos etc


♫ Dreaming is free...

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Completely agree! Whenever I get flack for Coldplay being my favourite band I force the naysayer to check out tracks like Moving To Mars, A Spell A Rebel Yell, I Bloom Blaum, 1'36", I Ran Away, the list goes on! As if their albums weren't good enough, the B-Sides show so much more talent and exploration!

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I Ran Away is for sure their best b-side imo, so calming and relaxing, its always in my top 5 Coldplay songs. Things I don't Understand, Animals, Moving to Mars and Proof are among my other favourites, pretty much every B-side is so strong though!

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