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Ever met a weirdo online?

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met this weirdo called prynce myshkin he smelled like pies

my social studies teacher from when i was 12 or so still messages me on facebook every few months and i mean it's nice of him but it freaks me out


Maybe he sees you as a Charlie figure from Perks of Being a Wallflower?


Or maybe he's a sex offender.

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I had a guy add me a few weeks back out of nowhere basically. I had only seen him once .... before christmas at a birthday party, when he was with his now ex-girlfriend. He started a conversation with me 3 times in one day, and then said bye by saying that'll he pester me again tomorrow ;D


He messaged me again and send me a picture of me at that party...., so I told him that I wasn't looking for anything D:

He then claimed that he wasn't interested at all and he just messaged me three times because "that's just the way his brain works".




poor bb.


edit* he's not like a weirdo weirdo, but just annoying tbh, haha

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I made friends online with a guy and we talked occasionally, we messaged each other on facebook for over two years and it was becoming too much he would like everything i posted and post videos on my wall every day or so and get mad when i didnt listen or deleted them. It was great when we were going through stuff because it helped to talk a lot and i appreciated that but jesus christ it got to the point where it was every single night i had messages and id be pretending to be offline. i blocked him and asked him to leave me alone and he kept texting me for ages trying to guilt me and telling me i was a dumb kid who would one day realise my love for him blah blah and i had to get a new sim card.

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My mate the other day told me something rather funny about Facebook.


His dad came up to him and said "Why did you thank me for your birthday messages?"


"You wrote on my Facebook... 'Thanks for my birthday messages'... I sent you a card."

"No, Dad, I was talking to all of Facebook."

"You can talk to all of Facebook?"

"Well, all of your friends."

He genuinely thought that everything anyone said on Facebook was addressed to him. Which had confused him for months; why did people tell him such rubbish that he didn't care about or understand? Why would my mate write on his wall when they're in the same room?


What's most depressing about the tale though is that he's never liked any of my statuses. He's thought I've been Facebooking him for months and he hasn't bothered to reply to any of it. Haha.

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It makes me uncomfortable when my family creeps me on Facebook.


That's why I left MySpace years ago.


FB just HAD to come along... :lol:


My mom, bless her, once asked me 'What on Earth is a Coldplay?' So I know I'm safe here, lol.

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