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And we have a winner!


Bono and Chris has answered correctly with Speed of Sound




SEE ?! ;) FINALLY HE WON :thumbsup:


OHHHHHHHHH YYEEESSSSSS : i'm so happy thank you so much !


Félicitations Guillaume :D ENFIN !!! ;)

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Have you ever thought of selling the buttons to make extra profit, or are they just competition exclusive? I would pay around £3 for 1!


They are already for sale



The buttons aren't a Coldplay(ing) thing. Chris has been wearing the button lately though and I guess fans wanna be like him. More info about the button and their story on ^that site.

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No raffle today. Basically had a heart attack trying to get tix to ACL and now I'm freaking about Beacon Theatre for Coldplay tomorrow and I want to keep my job :p

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It's definitely Wacky Wednesday!


For today's question: A Rush Of Blood To The Head was featured on what HBO show promo and Original Sound Track?


please pm me the answer and good luck

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