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Is Ink growing on anyone else?


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I used to think the drums at the beginning were too loud compared to everything else in the album, that the "doo doo doo's" were a bit obnoxious, that Jonny's presence was kind of ambiguous. The lyrics are bad, but not worse than other songs on the album.


All this changed upon hearing the live version I think - then it became evident that Jonny was adding some really cool atmospherics in the intro, a very interesting flute-like riff during the choruses, and a really cool shiny string-like sound at the bridge. Though there's no mega Jonny solo or even a particularly amazing riff like Strawberry Swing...but he's certainly getting some very interesting sounds from his guitar. Will's vocals on this song are AMAZING. It makes me lament the album version of UATW, where Will's vocals are simply not that loud/clear compared to its live version. The acoustic guitar riff is pretty catchy and memorable. The arpeggiated synths are also pretty interesting (which Guy is playing when he's not doing bass) - a very unexpected sound. Together with Another's Arms, I'd say this track does the best at bridging an older Coldplay sound and some interesting electronic elements.

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