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Welcome to Coldplaying! Where to next?


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Thank you for signing up to Coldplaying! Where to now? Check out below for some useful forum threads.


Introduce Yourself

Feel free to say hello to fellow Coldplayers and introduce yourself in the New Members forum.


LP8 - New Album

Coldplay are in the studio working on some new content! Could it be a new album? Come check out the latest news and speculate on LP8, Coldplay's upcoming album!


Coldplay Games

Coldplaying has an abundance of fun Coldplay-related games such as "Guess The Song" or "Song Elimination Game". Come take part and play with other fans!


The Instrument Room

Need sheet music, guitar or bass frets or general info on how to get that Coldplay sound? Check out the instrument room filled with over a decade of posts on how to play Coldplay music on your favourite instruments!


Coldplay Downloads

The one-stop place for downloading live Coldplay concerts, unreleased songs, instrumentals, wallpapers, music videos and more! Check out the Coldplay Downloads thread!

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Hi Sparky! My name is Ethan and I am a new Coldplayer to this site and when I tried to post my introduction into the new members section I got a message saying that my message was too short by 1 character, after multiple attempts the message was still coming up. Any idea of what I should do? Thanks for your help, Ethan



Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk



*EDIT: I figured it out, thank you anyway!

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Hi guys! It's Mike here (Chris Martin for Freedom Of Exeter Campaign) I've just registered under this name so hi from me and thanks for your support!


Hey Mike, welcome to Coldplaying! Best wishes for your campaign! :)

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Hello Coldplayers! :)


My name is Rajesh Vaya and as everyone on this forum is a BIGGG fan of COLDPLAY


I am a software engineer and currently making a website on coldplay (thecoldplayer.com) for all the fans of coldplay and I would appreciate ideas and brain storming the design aspects.


Below are the list of features for the website I intent to develop


Live performances videos


Media galleries

Fan's area (show your love and upload pictures with taken coldplay)

Twitter integration of coldplay and mentions of coldplay

Buy coldplay goodies

Lyrics / Songs



Please send in your feedback :)

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Hello to the new coldplayers I'm here since 2011 it's a long time since I was here since I downloaded the app I'm here everyday it's. Amazing sparky well done and thank you so much for this app [emoji5]️[emoji5]️

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