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Facts about I Ran Away


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Yes, I know one.


It's the best song they've made.


But seriously, I'd love to know some as well. I have a very hard time understanding how it didn't make the final cut. Like, I genuinely don't get it. I'm sure one of us could eventually ask The Oracle, but she'd only reply with a bitchy tone. :sad:

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I would have put I Ran Away and Crests Of Waves in the tracklist instead of Daylight and A Whisper.


While I agree, I would say that Daylight and A Whisper are 2 of the most underrated songs in Coldplay's library. They're a bit more 'out there' in terms of style but, iunno, they aren't as bad as ppl make out to be.

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Daylight is pretty cool, especially live. A Whisper I would just cut out and not have in AROBTTH for the sake of a more concise album.


On topic though, I Ran Away is quite fantastic but perhaps its lyrics were too personal in a way that was no longer relevant to LP2? I think AROBTTH ended up half-being about things other than a love interest if you look at songs like Clocks, AROBTTH, Amsterdam, GPASUYF, Politik, etc.

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*wipes drool away from monitor*




Lol....sometimes it truly is the only word to describe the feels...ahF***...I always appreciate your frankness Batman [emoji119]


Honesty is always the best policy....lol...

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