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CP FANS around the world

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I have a few updated pictures of the map of COLDPLAY FANS AROUND THE WORLD! This is as of June 20th 2015. There were a few who just gave me a state name or country name (no city) so I just had to stick a pin in a random place in that country/state…but I'd say 95% told me the city and I located it on a map app from Apple and/or google maps and pinned as accurately as I could…more will follow but these are a few regions of the world thus far! You guys are the best fans in the world, as Coldplay always says. One pic is of my "raw materials"..pens, manual list of cities I kept as they came in. I hope it continues to grow! I hope you like them, more will be revealed shortly!:parachutes::parachutes::parachutes:











Hello coldplayer...Am new here but old coldplay fan...and am from Ethiopia, Addis Ababa...hope you will get my city.. thank you very much...long live coldplayer. #AROBTTH

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