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Favorite song performed live?

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Is it just me, or would any other coldplayers like to see trouble come back into the setlist???


I would love it if Trouble returned to the setlist. I think they've only played it twice since 2009... :( IIRC, Trouble was played once in 2011 at Pinkpop Festival and once in 2012 when Will's electronic drums broke and they needed to replace Up In Flames.


Why didn't they try it out in one of the GS shows? The whole Parachutes album was practically made for those smaller venues.

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This question is not easy to answer... for example, Clocks really moved me. I listened to that song so many times in my life that when they played it on live I just couldn't believe it. It was my dream come true.

But I can't forget Viva la Vida either. It was AWESOME. Everybody was singing the song before it even started... it's a Coldplay's hymn and people know it, people LOVE the song. The atmosphere was incredible... then Chris went to the B-stage and I totally freaked out...




I could name more awesome moments, like when they played Trouble (this is actually the first CP song I ever listened to, so you can imagine how happy I was)... so definitely I can't just pick one song!

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