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I can't believe I forgot this game and now Ghost Stories is gone :(


VLVODAAHF - 12 points

Mylo Xyloto - 10 points

Parachutes - 8 points


That's okay. I had a long week and couldn't update the scores on the 25th and was 3 days late (probably a low among organizers of any round of any events). Which probably led to you forgetting about it. My bad.



VLVODAAHF - 12 points

AROBTTH - 10 points

X&Y - 8 points


Save Viva!!! :viva:


Parachutes and VLVODAAHF only need 4 more points until they are safe.


Unless I counted wrong. VLVODAAHF only needs 2 now. Parachutes 4.

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It's not your fault. We're so excited for the AHFOD that is difficult to pay attention to all the threads we have participated.


Thank you :)


But I must agree, AHFOD is totally stealing the show now, and as a result every one on the last round that could be eliminated got eliminated. It's sad that there's no EP's left, now just 5 albums. But that's the way the wind blows and the river flows I guess. :(

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508 (86 points above line)


A Rush Of Blood To The Head






Viva la Vida or Death And All His Friends

482 (60 points above line)


Mylo Xyloto




This contest started around with around 13 or 14 albums/EPs that you could choose from. Over half have been eliminated in the midst of the tough competition. Above are the final tallies of the ones that remain, and are only albums. (Ghost Stories was the only album that was eliminatied, besides Embarkments, @arushofjacktothehead's custon album made specifically for this contest).


As you can see above, I've bolded the albums at risk of elimination in this round. Both remain, and actually got quite a bit ahead of the line. I must admit, that line was a little low though.


The album's that didn't get bolded, as it turns out, form our FINAL TOP THREE!

1. The album that wins this contest as a whole, turns out to be X&Y. This album dominated the game for most of the time, staying well ahead of the competition for the other two albums rounding up the top three for most of the way. It has a final tally of 694 points, which is almost 700 points! It has clearly dominated.

Recently, however, another very magnificent album has managed to come very close to this one, and was actually at the top for a few times during the final stages of this game:

2. A fan-favorite, and one that definetely deserved to come very close to X&Y (and maybe even deserved to beat it), and regarded as Coldplay's best work by many, the magnificent A Rush Of Blood To The Head finishes in second place, with a final tally of 674 points, which was very close to X&Y. This album was well behind X&Y for most of the game, and rarely earlier on in the game it couldn't even manage to get a higher point total than what is now the third-place album. However, it picked up the pace very rapidly in the final stages of this contest, and managed to even tally higher than the first-place album at some points. Even though it's final place is in second, it performed a very good comeback and is just 20 points short.

The next album that rounds out our top 3 is a very controversial one. Many people have left this forum out of complete anger despising this album in every way, shape, and form. Some hate it the exact same way, but are still around, because they're true Coldplayers. (Respect to those ones). Understandably, it falls far behind the top 2 albums in this contest in terms of the final point tally. I must admit myself, that this album is only in third in the first place because of a specific someone...

3. This album was once in first place at the very beginning of the first contest. As the game went on, it dropped, and dropped... and dropped. However, it manages to still hold a third-place spot, a full 60 points ahead of the next possible album. This album, my friends, is the very polarizing album Mylo Xyloto. (you can bet I spent at least 15 minutes making that) This album is far behind the top two in terms of tallies: this album finishes at 578 points, which is only a little less than 100 points away from the second-place album. In other words, this album didn't even get to 600 points. The other two albums didn't get to the 700 point mark but they made it close. All of you probably know why this album got into the top 3 in the first place; it's all because of me. Sure, others have gave points to this album, however they weren't consistently voting. I must admit that I had some points where I almost left a page without a vote, which definetely took a tally on this album's final score. (No pun intended! :D)



In short, that is:

1. X&Y (694 points)

2. A Rush Of Blood To The Head (674 points)

3. Mylo Xyloto (sorry I'm not spending an hour making it multi-colored) (578 points)


Thank you for participating in The Third Coldplayvision Song Contest: The Clash Of The Albums everyone! Hopefully @arushofjacktothehead makes the fourth thread soon! It was a great time here and I hope you all enjoyed it! See you in the next one! :D

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