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[2016-03-31] Estadio Único De La Plata, La Plata, Argentina


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I know, I was just hoping that the live vids will be better quality but then streaming hq stuff is always tricky. Don't even know if Periscope supports a higher resolution.

it doesnt. that, plus spotty wifi/data makes it kinda crappy.

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I would gladly say "20 minutes" but they might pull off the "headliner is 30 minutes late" trick as many big bands do. Or do they do this?

Opening nights usually start on time, and I think they usually start within 5-10 minutes of their set time. They publish the set times so people don't arrive so early thinking that they're going to start at 7 PM (which is the time on the ticket). If we were to rely on that, they would be starting 2 hours late.

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