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[2016-03-31] Estadio Único De La Plata, La Plata, Argentina


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I don't see why Paradise or CB would have been better after AHFOD, they are songs that are just as big as Yellow. Having said that, having CB after Always in my Head on the Ghost Stories tour worked really well.

I think they'll keep the Bowie tribute for the UK tour bearing in mind Bowie was English.


just when you listen to the outro of A Head Full Of Dreams, if you go on Itunes and play Paradise of Charlie Brown right after it, you can tell that the transition both works very well together ! , not like Yellow , but it's my opinion....

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Its simple:


Remove Hymn for the Weekend

Add Violet Hill or Amsterdam

I love Violet Hill and Amsterdam too but i would not replace with Hymn For The Weekend because it is one of the biggest songs on Ahfod. I would replace with Magic. Sorry Magic is not a stadium song. Gs era is full of little club songs.

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Guest diogo_sg

Where can I find the interview they did with Andy Kusnetzoff (and any others they did in the last few days)?

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politik performance just gave me chills! it's an incredibly rare song, that can make you feel just like the day you first heard it, years and years after! what a song! i'm just glad the band seem to love and appreciate the song as it is deserved, just like us fans.


It could be... But there's only a snippet of Birds in it...


just watched it

unfortunately not the full concert

missing 3 of 4 songs :bigcry:

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Found a guy on soundcloud who record the concert so I made a playlist... edit: cant seem to link on mobile but just check up AC Piano on soundcloud and it's one of the playlists, please don't listen to the other stuff[emoji14]


Some are better quality than others otherwise it's decent!

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