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Ticket Exchange / Face Value Sales

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There were extra tickets released for amsterdam this afternoon. I managed to get 2 in the same row only a few seats apart. My search can be deleted


Where did you manage to get these tickets? I'm still searching for tickets (without much luck)

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I subscribed on a ticketmaster maillist on the 27th of november


Yesterday i received a mail saying extra tickets would Be released. There where a lot of tickets available but i had to contact my mate if he could join


He could so i bought 2 seating tickets

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Hi... I am looking for a swop for 2 x standing blue tickets for 4th June 2016. Need orange to be with our friends! Let me know if anyone can help! Please add me to the 1st post please!


Kind thanks!



I also looking to swop 4 blue tickets to orange section if anyone had any

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I don't think 7 concerts is enough so I need to see the fantastic four (uhm five...) again.


So I'm looking for 2 standing tickets ANYWHERE in Europe. Any date.


Spain/UK/Denmark/Amsterdam/Germany... Oh and maybe Sweden aswell, although I like going abroad. But anywhere in Europe could be interested.


Thaaaanks <3

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Hi folks, I have 2 seated tickets for the Saturday gig in Zurich but unfortunately something has come up now and we can't go that day anymore :(! But I would like to swap for the Sunday if possible! Anyone interested?

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Hi! I'm selling ONE ticket for Wembley gig on 19th June, in London.



The price: I paid it 71,50 GBP plus 6.50 GBP for reservation, but I'm from Italy and there is the issue of the change between GBP and Euros. I want to sell it for its real value, but I don't want losing money.

Please PM if interested and we can reach an accord with the price!

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Hi guys - I am looking for one (1) Pitch Standing ticket, Yellow section, for the 18th June show at Wembley Stadium. If anyone has one available for sale at face value, please PM me. Happy to pay £85, with or without a collector's lanyard/ticket.


Thanks! :)


Hi! I have one but for the 19th!

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I have a single ticket for 7/16 at MetLife Stadium in New Jersey. It's a floor seat - Section 16, Row 7, Seat 3.


I have 3 tickets, but my friend can no longer go due to a planned family vacation that he forgot about so his ticket is up for grabs at face value.


Best Regards,


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This is disheartening


MSG Executives Fired After Being Caught Scalping Tickets

A number of executives working for Madison Square Garden were recently fired, after it was discovered that they had been involved in a major ticket scalping scandal. The NY Post reports that at most 10 individuals, working in the ticket sales department, had been purchasing the lower-priced tickets and posting them at inflated rates on second party websites like StubHub.


“It was uncovered through an internal investigation that a small handful of employees were breaking company policies and, as a result, they were relieved of their responsibilities," said an unnamed spokesperson for the venue. While the tickets in question were mainly for sporting events, including Knicks and Rangers games, it's unbelievable to think that these individuals would be cheating fans out of possible seats just to turn a quick buck.


New Petition Urges Congress To Pass Bipartisan Bill Banning Scalper Bots


The executive ticket sales staff had access to tickets normally reserved for sporting event group sales, and, because of their high-level position, they were able to acquire the tickets without anyone being alerted. Thankfully, the organization conducted an internal investigation, and relieved these leeches from their duties.


This news comes around the same time that the Attorney General launched a full-scale investigation into the ticket sales industry, uncovering that less-than-half of all tickets are made available to the public. Between ticket bots and insider access, it's no surprise that Attorney General Eric T. Schneiderman called ticketing a "fixed game."


[Via NY Post]

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Totally missed the pre-sale. My bad. Anyway, need to 2 good seats for either Chicago show. Will consider other US shows as well I guess. Thanks!

Sorry but I just sold mine today.

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