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[2016-08-29] Pepsi Center, Denver, CO


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But they played LiJ last leg of the tour....it has to be an MX song!


Wondering if it's Moving To Mars ... Phil tweeted yesterday about loving that and today is his B-day, right? I would love it if it's that ... I'm not there but I'd lose it just seeing a video, it's one of my favorites and I wish it got played more. As far as I know it wasn't played since 2011 and wasn't played much then, right?

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i think if they were to play Moving to Mars i would die... even not having been there in person to hear it, i would still die :P


Same! I thought of requesting it for my shows but didn't because I thought it was too far-fetched. I'd be so happy if they played it even when I'm not there!

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My periscope will actually include the screen above everyone, so you will be able to see the band!!!

Thank you!! :)

My friend requested MTM!

I really hope it ends up being Moving To Mars!! Getting to hear a rarity like that would probably make me die of happiness, haha!

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