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This is a game I thought today. The players should write a Coldplay lyric line in their native language (sorry English speakers):confused: and then others will have to guess which lyric this is. The one who guesses right starts with his own lyric line. Please don't use translate sites and if your language doesn't use the latin alphabet write it down phonetically in latin alphabet in order to be understandable.


So I will start with this easy one:


Ένοχοι για τίποτα εκτός από την γεωγραφία


Enohi gia tipota ektos apo tin geografia


Hope you enjoy!!!:rolleyes:

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I won something, woow! :D


Ok here you go:

"E ouvi no rádio que um dia viveremos nas estrelas.

E eu ouvi num programa de TV que em algum lugar acima e no meu coração

Eles estarão nos separando, talvez nos mudando para Marte."

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I hope this is not too difficult o_O


Ahora yo siento mi corazón latir

Yo siento mi corazón debajo de mi piel

Y siento mi corazón latir

Oh, me haces sentir

Como si estuviera vivo de nuevo

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Ok now


επισκευάζοντας ένα αυτοκίνητο για να το οδηγήσεις ξανά


episkevazodas ena aftokinito gia na to odigisis xana

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