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War of the Coldplay Songs


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Viva La Vida vs Magic

I had a job interview today, and I was super distracted because I was trying to place a song that was playing softly in the background. I heard it start when I walked in, and I had a vague feeling of having liked the song. It was only when the vocals came in that I realized it was Coldplay, but I still wasn't able to recognize it. The melody at the intro reminded me stylistically of Hurts Like Heaven, if anyone has any guesses. So, Mr. Jones, if you're out there, that's why I was so spacey today 🙂

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 Viva la vida  [VS.] Reign of Love 

Sometime I'll hear music when I'm out in about that I'm convinced is Coldplay but then it hits me it wasn't a Coldplay song to start with. I have better judgment now because I've poured many hours into knowing their library of songs but in the beginning I was confused sometimes.

Years ago I thought Coldplay released a song that I just wasn't aware about. After I heard the song at the mall, I repeated the vocals to myself. That's critical if you want to track down most songs.

When I returned home I typed in the lyrics and the online search engine revealed, 

"Falling in Love at a Coffee Shop"

Song by Landon Pigg

Just trying to help you out. At the moment I can't think of another Coldplay song that's opening reminds me of 'Hurts Like Heaven'. Best luck to you with your song hunting.

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