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Sunrise - the track


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This piece of music is so heartbreakingly sad, almost reminds me of a funeral. But as always with Coldplay, it features a beautiful glimmer of hope at the end !

It was a missed opportunity to not have the string section in London perform this live, by the way.

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Yeah, they seem to be avoiding playing this song live proper with an orchestra. A shame, because this is literally an orchestral song that would give them a chance to fully shine solo in all their beauty and glory.


They shoulda even done it in Jordan as they did have an orchestra for COTW, maybe they were busy at the time or something bc I can't remember whether they were there at all for the Sunrise performance. I guess they didn't play it in the BBC Radio 1 session at all, but they totally should have played it live with that massive church/hall sound that museum provided, woulda sounded sooooo e b i p

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