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Jo Whiley session BBC Radio 2 28-11-2019

Captain Crieff

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Okay, they did 'Trouble In Town', 'Cry Cry Cry' and (I assume) an earlier performance version of 'Everyday Life', Chris' didn't have vocal issues here.

The interview was hilarious! By the way, somewhere earlier in the show Chris said he and Will thought about re-editing X&Y

and re-release it with alternative tracklist for its 20th anniversary. Hope he was just joking.^^

[Edit:] By the way, there's coming a BBC version of 'When I Need A Friend' near the end of the show.

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I really really hope they aren’t joking about reworking X&Y. Because I want that! Not because that album needs reworking but because the boys really need to show more love/attention to that album. It isn’t as shit as they think it is.

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