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Track 04 - Alien Choir (stylised as ✨) | Music of the Spheres


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Here's a thread dedicated to the 4th track on Coldplay's upcoming album MOTS:  - Alien Choir (allegedly)

 Track length : 00:53

  1. ? - Music Of The Spheres I

  2. Higher Power

  3. Humankind

  4.  - Alien Choir

  5. Let Somebody Go

  6. ❤️ - Human Heart

  7. People Of The Pride

  8. Biutyful

  9. ? - Music Of The Spheres II

  10. My Universe

  11. ♾️ - Infinity Sign

  12. Coloratura

Discuss :awesome: 

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17 hours ago, Famous Old Painter said:

Knowing Coldplay it's just gonna be the intro to Let Somebody Go. The two MOTS tracks we know are just intros to the following tracks. I'll probably edit them together when I get the album. 

Then, lets hope for some cool alien ? harmonization leading to Let Somebody Go! ??

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1 hour ago, The Jordanator said:

De este teaser, parece que el coro de Alien podría ser una introducción o salida realmente fantástica para Fix You para la gira. Sin embargo, todavía están usando la introducción de Midnight para el año fiscal como lo habían hecho en la gira AHFOD ...

Or Clocks

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1 hour ago, auroraa_4 said:

Really love when they go ambient !

Same dude, it has been one of my dreams for Coldplay to go ambient and listening to all these previews makes me go all TINGLY. Coldplay can build amazing soundscapes so if they go ambient, they're gonna go hard ?

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