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Happy St. George's Day


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St George is also the patron here in Catalonia.

It's the day of the book and the rose, the lover's day here, as St Valentine's...


So, the boy has to give a rose to the girl and the girl a book to the guy.

It's a nice tradition... :smug:



I want a rose from someone... :/

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ahh i knew St George was a patron saint somewhere in Spain but couldn't remember where...isnt San Tiago (St. James) a patron Saint somewhere too?



*gives Noni a rose for sharing the same patron Saint*


And my avatar is a HUGE Flyers symbol :P

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St. George isn't to do with Britain, it's to do with England, it has nothing to do with slavery, racism, BNP etc...it has to do with pride your nation, in the fact you are English and you live in one of the best countries in the world. There is too much political correctness in this country that stops people from expressing themselves for fear of insulting other cultures. This should be the one day we can say "fuck that" and be proud to say who we are and not care about some liberal wishywashy in parliament saying we can't wave a St. George's cross for fear of insuilting the muslims, jews etc...


World Cup 2002, people were forced to take down a St. Georges flag at a car manufacturing site because it wasn't fair to other denominations...ffs, it was a flag for England at the world cup...that's the level of PC-ness in this country...so just for one day I wanna be able to be proud of where I come from without other factors saying I can't.

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