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I would love to be a moderator (thats why I'm staying) no..not really..but I would love to be one..I've asked twice about it..I guess I'm not good enough yet, or my post count is too low, or I havn't been here long enough. But one day, I'll be one. Woo. I hope. Maybe. yeh. Shh Sammie. Ok.

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This is the only board I go. I flirted with coldplay.com for a bit and revisit when I can not get on here. Thankfully it does not happen that often. I once went on Alica keys.net but they all seemed on a different wavelength to us lot.

And I once made the fatal mistake of introdcuing myself on MUSE's message borad happy to say I was new and without seeing the forum rules I got told to p''s off, if you put it politley within 2 seconds of posting it. I never went back again.

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i'm registered on coldplay.com, flaminglips.com, and thesmileshop.net but i don't really have more than 10 posts at any of those places.


actually i racked up a few thousand at coldplay.com a few years ago, but they recently got a new board and wiped out all my old ones (in addition to the few hundred that were wiped out when THAT board first came about :rolleyes: )

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freaks.com (i'm god there)

llamafarm.suddenlaunch.com (i'm also god here)

saddle-creek.com/webboard (they hate me there)

blackvault board (they don't even know me there)

bannedfromlife.com (i'm new there)


...and i joined the official board but never posted.

...and i'm a member of a few ezboards my friends run


I think that's all?

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I used to be a member of an avril lavigne messageboard and i had like 400 posts there :embarrased:. But the administrator banned me.

He was such an asshole. He hated all the britrock bands and he didnt want to bang avril, he respected her as a musician. :dozey:


I'm also a member of the muse and coldplay official messageboards, but i dont post there, I just lurk. :cool:

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