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Awww, a Koala Bear


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No, in fact they are a marsupial, or however you spell it, Julia may correct me :P


They are quite soft and placid and are very much like newborn babies, sleep in the day and are awake at night. Here's a photo I took...

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aren't they like the laziest animals around?


i thought that they have no natural predators, and the food they eat is poisonous to every other animal.


plus all they do is sleep. :rolleyes:







i want that life. :(

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I petted a kangaroo on that same day, it was so friendly, we were feeding it cakes. It kept on following us for more food when we were trying to leave but then another family came...


Yeah, Koalas do have sharp nails I don't know the reason why they scratch people sometimes though :huh:

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^ :blush: :blush: :blush: :kiss:


I had to draw a 20 dollar bill, and I drew it with a Koala on it (cos it had to be Australian related) and I got a A+! Woohoo! Uhh yeah thats my Koala story lol. :idea2: But nah whenever I used to go to the zoo I always used to wanna take one home. :P :lol:

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