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all right, so i got this girl's number at a party...

Professor Peedston

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and i guess i was wondering, what's the standard period of time that i should wait before calling?


I feel dumb asking that, but believe it or not, this is actually the first time this has ever happened to me, where I've been in complete control over the next step, because I have her number and she doesn't have mine.


So I guess I'm just trying to get a general idea of what would be appropriate. :confused:

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Noooo thats wrong!


Monday is interested but not desperate, the day after is totally desparate. Im only after realising.


Its like, you see her on Friday, the next time you call her your gonna talk to her AND ask her out, if you call the next day which is Saturday then its like, are you gonna go out with her AGAIN? You just saw her last night. She thinks "Wooooah I just saw this guy like last night and he wants out again tonight, how clingy". And you cant ask if you can go out with her next weekend because then she will think "Oh, whats wrong with tonight? Am I not good enough to go out with 2 nights in a row?!".


Its crazy I know, but Monday is definately the day. Tuesdays alright too I guess if you forgot to on Monday.

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really don't worry so much about it...its cute that you are tho! hehe. I would say a few days after...and just be totally casual, ask a lot of questions, be really friendly and nice, then eventually see where it leads and if you want, ask to see her soemtime. good luck :cool:

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if she gave you her number then she obviously doesn't mind you calling her and if she did then it's her problem now...


but I would say if she is interested then the day after is fine...(cause she is probably waiting for the call)


it's funny how a lot of the guys said to wait after the weekend :lol:

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