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  1. I don’t know how much this band I’m about to share has been influenced by Coldplay but the New Zealand band Evermore is SO GOOD! These guys sound like the Coldplay Of NZ. [MEDIA=spotify]path=artist%2F5VWIuZAPbBdtFHdbDyYeHQ[/MEDIA] Mobile Link: https://open.spotify.com/artist/5VWIuZAPbBdtFHdbDyYeHQ?si=MHIgicwdSieTQ1MiCIMsOg I recommend Lights Surrounding You, Runnin’ and Its too late. The song Hey Boys & Girls don’t sound too much like Coldplay but is still pretty cool. Check it out and let me know what you think!
  2. Jess Kent the first one? She was an opening act for Coldplay at our NZ show in December 2016
  3. Hello from New Zealand! Welcome aboard the Coldplaying train!
  4. U for Us Against the World (Live in Leipzig)
  5. E for Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall (I hope this isn’t a ship came into harbour type game cause there’s no way I’m scrolling through all the previous rounds to see what’s already been done!)
  6. Good news everyone! iTunes have shown the time stamp for A Head Full Of Dreams (Live in Buenos Aires) This will most likely be the next single release coming soon (probably next Friday)
  7. Heres my top 5 as of today: 1. Talk 2. GPASUYF 3. AICTAIY 4. Midnight 5. Something Just Like This
  8. I don’t understand why anyone wants to have the movie now when butterfly package will have it and it’s only 16 days away from releasing...16 days is nothing compared to the year we’ve been waiting!
  9. We all know Life is Beautiful is a bit of a mystery (maybe it was just a phase Chris was having), but the 2017 live versions of GPASUYF are mint! I would much rather have this one over Birds in the live CD, even though it’s never been on as CD or music streaming before. Amazing Day and Heroes lasted til about the start of the Asia tour where SJLT replaced Amazing Day. I would very much like to see the Heroes cover on a live release. Jonny’s guitar is delicious in this, Guys bass is wonderfully accentuated and the clicking intro (midnight key pitched??) is cool.
  10. What if Life is Beautiful and The Race we’re on the new LP8!!!!???? Now that’s definitely something to think about. Life is Beautiful could easily become the In My Place of the Parachutes tour
  11. Live in São Paulo on ITunes not available in NZ yet. :sob:
  12. Something tells me the AHFOD era isn’t over just yet...especially if Coldplay agree to release The Race. Btw, I think we can all agree The Race would have been a much better substitute for the Tokyo ‘Remix’ Of SJLT on Kaleidoscope EP! I think that truly would be the best EP that Coldplay releases if that were the case
  13. And Jon Hopkins!!! And Avicii! Oh no wait...
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