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  1. Another idea - more cinema showings of live DVDs + VR touring. There was that Chicago VR show during the AHFOD tour. While this is kind of an unsavoury option, the reality is that a lot of electronic artists are just playing recordings anyways.
  2. These are amazing ideas and I bet you could start a boutique consulting company just operationalizing these!!!!! Here are some of mine: -Sustainable food at shows (in addition to the water!) - Require venues to not serve meat products or only sustainable meat products, at least for the day Coldplay comes but ideally for every show. There's no need for those crappy barely-food hot dogs. Also, banning sugary beverages goes a long way towards sustainability because sugary beverages tend to waste water supplies in making the plastic bottles, using water, sugar/corn syrup production, etc in a more resource intensive way than just providing people clean water. Coldplay already has a history of sustainable catering for its own members and crew, so why not apply that reasoning to the whole show. -Make everything powered by solar panels. Not sure how the band could do this since they'd have to travel with them? But if they could convince a set of venues to invest in a microgrid that charges batteries all day and then gets used for the show?? -Train and boat travel ONLY for the band. And then livestream shows from the boat?! -Reduce plastics seems like a no-brainer. Unfortunately they should probably not do confetti or balloons either. Xylobands might be a better bet from a sustainability front? -Donate proceeds to environmental activism: at least turn concerts into a necessary evil of raising money for groups like Greenpeace, Sunrise, Exctinction Rebellion, the UN, local indigenous groups, etc. (many more to name) -Agreed on reimbursements for use of public transport -Agreed on festivals and co-touring (also leads to cool collaborations?!) -Carbon offsets. These don't solve anyone's problems, but it's something *shrug*.
  3. Curious to hear the full version of this! (only one I could find on Youtube)
  4. Is there a thread dedicated to the 23 Nov public performance? There's a really interesting new acoustic version of Fix You:
  5. I need the Amman public performance asap. </3 One random appreciation tidbit - the strings on Champion of the World. I didn't terribly notice that on the album version, but it works so well live!!!!
  6. YES! The verses of Everyday Life and Church have the same progression (I haven't checked if the same key), and indeed Jonny's guitar part in the second verse are like the swelling synth part in Church. And funnily, both songs sound exactly like Porcelain by Moby:
  7. 1. Yeah the sad thing is that, I think most of us would actually be okay with or not even notice Chris being sick or whatever if he sang it live. He's extraordinarily good at sounding good even when sick/tired/out of breath. And in these songs he's NOT dancing around. Daddy is a good example of where he clearly isn't sounding his best, yet all the emotion is still there. 2. Yeah! Jonny also plays keyboard on some other songs such as VLV, Lost!, Midnight, Magic off the top of my head. You can see him playing the high-sounding synth part in the 2nd verse, before the xylophone and acoustic guitar begin. 3. Trouble in Town has an abrupt end to its loud part I mean. There's obviously the long cool down, but the actual guitar solo length is only 2 repeats of the chord progression, as compared to say, live versions of GPASUYF. It's not a huge criticism and I get why they make these decisions, but both Arabesque and TiT have HUGE loud release and I wish they'd be longer so we could enjoy more. With EL, I wish the "hold tight for everyday life" part was a bit longer or as you say, the hallelujah part could be lengthened. And they've already done this trick on Birds and AICTAIY so I think that's enough songs with abrupt endings. That's why I find Up&Up really satisfying as a song, because it allows everything to be as long as it needs without dragging either.
  8. Amazing! -Sad they didn't bring Davide and co to play Sunrise. If you notice, both Chris and Jonny play some guitar over the track live, which is cool. -Church vocals are clearly lip-synced: at one point Chris sings "church" but you don't see his mouth go "CH" at the end of the word. Shame. But the live instrumentation and the woman singing at the end is great (anyone know who she is?). Jonny plays an extra guitar part in the 1st verse that's clear and pretty, and the combination of his guitar, Will's drums, and Guy's bas is very strong. Also, Chris's guitar part is super cool - I believe he records a loop and then it continues through the song. Adds GREAT texture! -Trouble in Town is EPIC live. Agree with others that the lack of the Malcolm X sample weakens the emotion a bit. But I think this (+no "fuck" on Arabesque) hints towards releasing this as a DVD or something. Will's drums and Jonny's guitar solo are great. -BrokEn is cool but I wish Chris would've actually played the piano. -Daddy sounds great!!! You can hear slight weaknesses in Chris's voice at the beginning on the first "You're so far away." But everything builds really well. Jonny's synth keyboard part is SO pretty. Guy's bass is so deep. Will does the xylophone excellently, though he makes a couple obvious mistakes - but this helps prove that most of this song was done live with few backing tracks, which I appreciate. -POTP/WOTW....why is this not a full song :( -Arabesque: epic horns and guitars and bass. Amazing. Stromae is great too. Entertainingly, he is not as breathy as he is on the album version. This and TIT really make me ANGRY that these songs, and the title track EL end so abruptly. They really could've milked the jams. -When I Need a Friend: this song feels less homogenous when the choir doesn't come in right away, but I still wish they'd done something different with this song...eg have all 4 boys singing, and/or add more instrumentation towards the end.
  9. I quite like COTW but not as much as some others on the album. I find the use of the guitar riff a bit repetitive to be honest though. The lyrics are really good!!! The song immediately made me think of this: Which of course you know from...
  10. Amazing! This song pairs really well with Orphans, and based on the video, I strongly suspect this song is also about refugees. The imagery very strongly evokes for me pictures of refugees on life rafts in the Mediterranean Sea, many of them dying on the water as they escape war and persecution. The song is also excellent musically - it has elements of Fly On and Hypnotised. My only complaint is that it hasn't got as much prominent Jonny electric guitar as on either of the two aforementioned songs. Though I bet in a live version we'll see Jonny is secretly playing a bigger role than we think.
  11. Yes, only from the SNL performances and my best judgment on backing tracks based on my musical knowledge. I'm fairly certain though - if you listen to the parts in EL, you can hear how everything that sounds like strings is just a pitch-shifted delay effect on Jonny's guitar. As others have pointed out, it refers to the guitar tuning for Chris's guitar. Change the normal EADGBe strings to the notes mentioned there. Capo is that little thing that you put on the guitar to change where the "0th" or baseline fret is. So a 5th fret capo raises the tuning by 5 semitones, so DADGAD with a capo on 5 becomes GDGCDG, if I did the math right. The cool thing about it is that it sort of gives accessibility to the songwriting process because we can better understand how Chris wrote some of these songs. If you notice at the beginning of the Orphans music video, you can hear Chris say "Capo 5, B string down a tone" because the tuning on that song is capo on 5th, strings as EADGAE (instead of EADGBE).
  12. Returning to this acoustic rendition of SJLT - as I'm relistening and re-looking, I think Jonny has his guitar plugged into that synthesizer and that's why it sounds so gameboy like. Fun for the music nerds!
  13. Maybe this is obvious to say, but perhaps the VLV bells are only there for the 2nd Jordan show (which may feature several hits) and NOT for the release show. Also interesting - horn section for Arabesque is present! We rarely see other onstage musicians with the band. Also also related and interesting - the live version of Everyday Life uses no, zero, 0 backing tracks - no strings, no vocals, no noises, nothing. Just Chris, Jonny, Guy, and Will. That said, Orphans clearly did use a backing track for a few things (mostly the vocals and then a few noises, most obviously the "baba would know" background noise). So I'm really curious how this will all play out - since they didn't HAVE to play EL the way they did. Could've just done all the strings on a backing track.
  14. Love it. The lyrics remind me of A Bad Dream by Keane: "Where will I meet my fate? Baby I'm a man I was born to hate / when will I meet my end? In a better time, you could be my friend." "Hold on for Everyday Life" has this delightful melancholy power to it. It makes me think of "holding on" on a roller coaster or something, yet everyday life is about the most mundane thing. So it's holding on to the roller coaster that is everyday life. Cool eh?!
  15. I have really detailed commentary about all the things I like ;P but not enough time to get it all down so here's my quick and slightly negative impression - I like the album a lot but probably put it behind many of the others. I am finding that I completely prefer all the more-produced tracks and find the demos to get in the way. They'd be fun as B-sides but WOTW/POTP and a couple of the other acoustic songs just feel a bit too same-y to me. It'd be different if they were really tightly written acoustic tracks like UATW. It's like having 4-5 songs' worth of Parachutes and Til Kingdom Come. Which I guess some people like, but I don't. However, I really appreciate the political messages across the songs. If you listen to Trouble in Town, Daddy, Arabesque, Orphans, and Everyday Life right next to each other, it WILL make sense. Best: Everyday Life, but I also quite like Daddy, Trouble in Town, Church, Champion of the World, Orphans Worst: Cry Cry Cry probably - I think as one poster said above, it could've used some horns or something bigger. Both this and BrokEn I wish would've built into something bigger and badder. A good example for the latter is Blur's Tender and U2's I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For, both of which are white man alternative rock bands doing gospel-inspired music. But IMO much more enjoyable songs, because they have big singalongs, big buildups, guitar solos, etc. This is exactly what I think. The Boys have committed themselves to making a political statement on this album, and this moment of the song is a raw confrontation of racism that most Americans protect themselves from.
  16. I for one welcome a second MX which includes: -Hurts Like Heaven, to date, Jonny's most complicated guitar solo and number of guitar solos jammed in 1 song -Charlie Brown, ETIAW, and DLIBYH all with fun tinkly riffs from Jonny. If you like that tiny bit of Orphans, then why not have LOTS of it? Also all these songs have high energy and great production + xylobands! -Acoustic masterpieces: UATW, UFO, and Up With the Birds -Massive singalongs, esp Paradise. If you don't like that song, at least it has a big guitar solo from Jonny! Even if you don't like POC, that has huge guitar and basslines too. -Major Minus!!!! -I actually quite like Up in Flames. It's got a simple electronic beat, piano, nice guitar lines, tragic vocals. What's so bad about all that??
  17. Brothers and Sisters, and now, Daddy. *scratches chin*
  18. ^Champion of the World is great! It reminds me a lot of AROBTTH B-sides like One I Love or Moses. IMO Trouble in Town is a very heavy and angry track. Just delivered with a chiller vibe. :p
  19. That's an acoustic version of SJLT. :O That's NOT the song winning the Youtube poll..so I wonder if we'll get a few of the hits, stripped down. Or maybe they're just cocking about. :lol:
  20. Let us stoke some One Way Train rumours :p [MEDIA=twitter]1195067367694442498[/MEDIA] View: https://twitter.com/coldplay/status/1195067367694442498?ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw%7Ctwcamp%5Etweetembed%7Ctwterm%5E1195067367694442498&ref_url=https%3A%2F%2Fs9e.github.io%2Fiframe%2F2%2Ftwitter.min.html%231195067367694442498
  21. I quite like Trouble in Town's Malcolm X sample - it reminded me instantly of how that is used on the album Drones by Muse. It's not for everyone but it creates a lot of cool tension that gets broken by Jonny's amazing solo and adds to EL's status as a political album.
  22. ^My link may have been removed, but I'd Pick You Every Time is a B-side from the NGHFB (first album) era. Isn't it great?! IMHO Gem > Tim Smith. But I do appreciate that Tim Smith would sing backup vocals on a number of songs, which was really important to the no-ow part of If I Had a Gun: But otherwise Gem seems to be the better player...better feel, better tone, etc. Also holy wow, Chris Sharrock is so much better than Jeremy Stacey. He is just a perfect drummer. Speaking of IIHAG, can y'all believe this was all we had back then, a crappy recording from the 2000s...I couldn't be happier that they turned it into a real song that sounds so great.
  23. I will listen to the leak this weekend because my birthday is on Monday and my partner is visiting me, so we'll listen together. :) But then I will promptly buy the CD from my local record store! :D I came here to post this...cool video! Did anyone notice that, and I hope this isn't too much of a spoiler, that on Arabesque Will is playing one of the main melodic guitar riffs while playing the kick drum. SO COOL. (I'm assuming Jonny will play all the atmospheric electric guitar parts)
  24. Ah - this must be on the rumoured 3rd EP! I love what NGHFB has done mostly. I find Holy Mountain a bit insufferable to listen to. But Ft Knox is very vaguely like Airbag by Radiohead in a cool way. The title track on TMWBTM is so kickass! Everything is more experimental and I'm certainly not in the business of being like those Oldplay-only fans. However, I do wish there were more guitar solos across NGHFB discography, since that's what makes me love Riverman and The Dying of the Light so much. Both Tim Smith and Gem are great guitarists.
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