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My favorite band form the sixties-seventies. They are so creative, and so catchy, very good blend of hard rock and pop, very good music. Right now Anemia City In The Sky is my favorite by them, but Tommy is my favorite album.

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Who´s Next, of course ! I have Tommy on VHS (and soundtrack too). Do you know if Tommy is available on DVD ?


Back in 97, I was on vacation in Boca Raton and there was going to be a Who concert, so there I was happy to go and try to buy the tickets.. but guess what ? it was sold out :stunned: So frustrating

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The Who's My Generation


For all the people who love the beatles, Led Zeppline....

You love The Who too, don't you?!


So let's make a thread for My Generation: The Very Best of The Who




1. I Can't Explain :smug:

2. Anyway, Anyhow, Anywhere :smug:

3. My Generation :cool:

4. Substitute :)

5. I'm A Boy :D

6. Boris The Spider :o

7. Happy Jack ;)

8. Pictures Of Lily :embarrased:

9. I Can See For Miles :stunned:

10. Magic Bus :P

11. Pinball Wizard :)

12. The Seeker :)

13. Baba O'Riley :cool: :cool: :cool:

14. Won't Get Fooled Again (Full Length Version) :cool: :cool: :cool:

15. Let's See Action :smug:

16. 5.15 :cool:

17. Join Together ;)

18. Squeeze Box

19. Who Are You (Single Edit Version) :cool: :cool: :cool:

20. You Better You Bet :cool:

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the what! the Who? :laugh2: :surprised: :shifty:

I like a few of their songs, not really a big fan...also, i Love the Beatles too, and i'm not a real fan of Led Zep. Maybe i am weird too...unless Most other people have got it wrong, and Led Zeppelin (or.. Led Zeppline...ey RedBalloon :D :P ) aren't actually that Great!

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ahh, first i don't want to compare all of my fav bands....although I know The Beatles is kind of NO1 to me..But I do like The Who, Led Zeppelin(oh, sorry for the typo... :embarrased: ) a lot, still in a Collective Album sense. The Who to me is like a BOY ROCK, Led Zeppelin is Man Rock, and The Beatles is From Boy To Man :D :cool: If you know what I mean...


And I am poor so sorry that I can't buy the real album but just got bunch of them from friends...I don't think I will love every song of the who, but that album rocks for me :rolleyes:


Nobody is weird if you don't like The Who much but you heart Beatles more...The Who and Led Zeppelin have much more Rocking stuff than The Beatles, then i guess probably you don't like Rolling Stones that much either, but I do :rolleyes: :)

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i like 'i can't explain' its a good tune :cool:



:lol: :lol: :cool:


I Can't Explain

Author: Pete Townshend

Publisher:Fabulous Music, Ltd. (BMI)


The Who's first single was an unashamed attempt at copying the riff style of The Kinks, who were also produced by the expatriate Shel Talmy. This similarity to The Kinks aside, 'Explain' was still an explosive debut, a song about the frustration of being unable to express yourself, not just to the girl of your dreams but, in a broader sense, to the world as a whole. Perhaps the best testament to 'Explain' is that throughout their career, The Who almost always opened their live shows with this song, occasionally alternating it with 'Substitute' and during this period, 'Heaven and Hell.' Is there any other band in the entire history of rock whose first single was so good, so timeless, that they could continue to use it as their opening number on stage for 25 years? The original single, released on January 15, 1965 featured Jimmy Page on second guitar and the Ivy League on backing vocals. Live, Keith would chirp in unless sound engineer Bob Pridden discreetly switched off his vocal mike. It reached #8 in the U.K. charts. [in the U.S. it was released February 13, 1965 and reached #97 in the Billboard charts and #57 in Cash Box. Other live versions can be found on "The Kids Are Alright" soundtrack, "Live At The Isle Of Wight 1970" and "Who's Last." Track 2 on the remaster.]

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yeah...I had a wonderful experience last night...I went to a bar, checking out a old band called Rainmaker(a 80-90 blues band in Mid-west, they have been to Europe for touring....officially, they have resigned, but just kept having gig every week..) and finally, they covered Master of War(Bob Dylan), Pinball Wizard(The Who) and Tenage Wasteland(The Who), which is SOOOOOO great.....it is almost No1 live I saw within two years, besides Radiohead....Man, nowdays, you can't find many bands who dare cover Classics!!!

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The Who will launch a world tour this summer that will bring the band to North America for its first extended trek in nearly four years. "We plan to visit the USA, Europe, Japan, Australia and also South America," manager Bill Curbishley says.

The group -- which now consists of Roger Daltrey and Pete Townshend backed by bassist Pino Palladino, keyboardist John "Rabbit" Bundrick, drummer Zak Starkey and guitarist (and Pete's brother) Simon Townshend -- was forced to take a hiatus in 2005 due to Starkey's touring commitments with Oasis and Palladino's stint with the John Mayer Trio.


"I don't want to stop, and I don't think Pete does," frontman Roger Daltrey told Rolling Stone in the fall. The Who have been working on a new album, Who2, on and off for the past decade and are scheduled to go back into the studio in February. There's no word on whether the summer tour will feature new songs, but in March guitarist Pete Townshend posted in his online diary, "I feel I can't tour any more with the Who without a new record."


Townshend's girlfriend, singer-songwriter Rachel Fuller, may open some dates on the tour.


I don't know if they have announced any dates, but they are going to be in Europe

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