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5 celebrities you'd like to rape if you had the chance


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pretty simple, just tell me who you'd like to rape.


1- kate beckinsale (van helsing chick)

2- kathleen robertson (scary movie 2 chick)

3- joss stone (she makes good music. that's a bonus.)

4- avril lavigne (my precious poser :kiss:)

5- leelee sobieski (deep impact chick)

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haha yea, consensual sex would be okay too, i think.


But hey, that's a great list. I can't believe i forgot about catherine zeta. She was so fine on that movie with sean connery.

And Liv Tyler. whoa. (even though there was a time when she was a lil bit fat) She's so hot on the aerosmith videos. :cool:


And who's that Rachael Leigh chick? Her name is kind of familiar... or maybe not.

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