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how did you buy your cd??


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Hey my lovely Coldplayers!!!! ;-)


It's a bit long story:


Since '98 we've a holiday house in England( before that we already made holidays in GREAT BRITAIN for approximately 13 years). So we went to England again one time to make holidays in Northampton (where our house is). In our cd player we found a cd.....it was PARACHUTES by Coldplay. Yes, someone has forgotten it!!!!! Months before that I always heard a very very beautiful song....now I know that it was Trouble.....I didn't at that time. I liked it soooooooooooo much that I loved it from the very first moment on.....we always heard it when just arriving in England. I found it sooooo nice with all the beautiful english country passing me by. Years after this story I knew that this band is the same as the ones who released AROBTTH. So that's the way I got Coldplays very very beautiful album PARACHUTES.......we took the cd with us,OF COURSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That's also the way i got the Coldplay fever!!!!! ;-)




I love thinking of it years after it!!!!! I'M PROUD OF COLDPLAY AND THAT THERE EXISTS SUCH A GOOD REAL BAND!!!!! Their music inspires everyone and makes cry everyone.......I JUST CAN'T DESCRIBE IT ANYMORE!!!!!! THEY'RE JUST THE BEST.......




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I just want to write that there were the front and back cover missing....but I got the ORIGINAL CD for FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!! ;-)


I've now taken the front and back cover from the internet!!!! <--- SORRY I know that there are pictures in the front cover bookleg but is great, I LOVE IT ;-) because I've the ORIGINAL CD..............................!!!!!!!!!!



I would be sooooooooo angry if I would be this person who's forgotten the cd when you see how famous they got!!!!!


:lol: :cool: :rolleyes: :o ;) :huh: :D :P :smug: :wink3: :confused: :/ :stunned: :idea2: :sneaky: :kiss: :dozey: :blush:

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well, I didn't like Coldplay at first because I thought that they we're stealing the spotlight from Travis! haha..(i know, i know) but anyway, I kept on hearing a lot about coldplay and such, and i never heard any of their songs, so i was like "grrr coldplay.." but one day i was just like "fine..i'll buy their first cd (which was AROBTTH) and see what all of the fuss is about" so i did, and i didn't listen to it..so i realized that AROBTTH wasn't the first one they had made..so i went out and bought their first cd (Parachutes) and on the way back home, i was listening to it when this song "Yellow" came on, and I realized that I've heard that song before and that I LOVED it, so that basically won me over and I wasn't so jealous of coldplay, and I fell for them..but I STILL love my Travis boys too, I learned that I could love both of them haha ;) :D

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I had brought "In my place single " From me local Asda, they guy who served me said I gotta by the Album ,when it came out in a couple of weeks well that was the best advice I ever had.


I did however own the paracheutes album but I was still yet to discover that I would be in total love with this band !!! ;)

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