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Are you going to wait untill you can buy it


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Hi Guys,


When coldplay bring out their new album. In your desperation of waiting so long are we going to wait until we can buy it. Or find downloads on the net if it gets out.


I will listen to whatever tracks are played on the radio myself. But I wont go on the net and listen to any stuff what coldplay have not gave their consent to go out. I reckon it will be inevitable that this will happen like it did to radiohead.


I am also using this post as a appeal for this place not to do it just in case there is a leak as it would be like opening up a birthday/Christmas present early. !!


Have a nice day BTW !!

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i'll do both...I always downloads Leaked albums, especially the ones that are leaked months before release date, mostly out of curiosity to see if it is unmastered, like Radiohead's - Hail To The Theif. But with Coldplays, i don't think i'll listen to the download until i've heard the album that i will have bought anyway

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I definitely won't download it, for the simple reason that I want to hear the album in the way the boys intended for it to be heard.


Besides, after waiting for a new album for over two years already, I think I can wait a little longer for the official release if an internet "release" precedes it.

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If I truly like a band... I always 'buy' the record... you gotta support the artist... its bad enough that record companies scam them out of 'points'...



I can proudly say... I will be 'purchasing it' :smug:


Will I be listening to it on the web... hell yes! :wink3:

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