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how many languages do you...


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English [quite good I guess but i gotta keep on learning cause i wanna move to london someday]


Spanish [just started leaerning it at school and my teacher sucks]


French [i'm pretty good ... i got an A :D]


Tagalog [i just understand it but i can't write/speak it]


German [mother tongue]

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TWENTS (Small Lower-Saxon dialect) fluent

DUTCH (or Netherlandic): fluent

ENGLISH: Not fluent, I make some grammar mistakes, but I speak/write/understand it quite well

GERMAN: I understand almost everything in German, (perhaps because of the dialect I speak), I speak German quite OK, I'm able to let people know what I want to say, but my sentences are stuffed with error :confused: s (Wo ist der Bahnhof? Ich muss mit dem Zug zu Berlin...)

SPANISH: Quite good, I practised a lot during the Ruta Quetzal, a Spanish study voyage. Listening is still quite tricky... (¡Hola chavales! ¿qúe tal? He participado en la Ruta Quetzal :P )

FRENCH: Reading and writing are okay, speaking is just enough to buy some thing in a store and listening is crap...(Je voudrais un pain... :( )

SWEDISH / DANISH: Just enough to buy something in a store (Jag vill gärna köper en bok.) and to present myself (Hej, Jag heter Kees). If I read a text I can guess what the topic is...


Then some words in Italian and Russian (Gde zdes toallett?)... :idea2:


Maybe, one day, I will study Russian.... :snore:

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Finnish - Perfect of course :D

English - Fluent (I can understand it and write it and speak it in a way that's understandable, I've studied it for 10 years in school)

Swedish - I do understand it better than I speak and write it, and I have studied it in school for 6 years.

German - the same thing as with Swedish, though I guess I'm a bit better in Swedish :D . I've studied German for 3 years.

Italian - Not good :D I took two courses two years ago... so I donät really remember much of it.

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English, my native tounge.

Japanese, taking it for 10 years, still not fluent haha, i can write it pretty well though.

German, like two words: i wanna take it my senior year in highschool, when im done with the japanese course.

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English: read, speak, write..

Chinese (cantonese): read, speak, write

Japanese: read, speak, write ... not that great tho hehe [i took it for 3 years]

Spanish: read, speak, write .. even less great lol [i took it for 7 years.. but most of it got pushed outta my head by the japanese :lol: ]


i'd like to learn: german, portuguese, and french. so much to learn.. so little time :/

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Finnish--> it's my native language so fluently :)

English--> quite fluently

Swedish--> quite well

German--> descent (German is extremely difficult! I'm pretty sure I'll never complitely get it)

Spanish--> ok (I've studied it for three years so I have a lot to learn)


I love languages and especially English.

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