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how many languages do you...


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Mancunian - Very well, thank you

Bahasa Malaysia - Can't say I speak it fluently cuz I suck, but I get As for written work...

Manglish- Gettin the hang of it...


Same here... Ok, well except the Mancunian part :rolleyes: :lol: :D

Plus mandarin & a smattering of some local dialects. Also learning French... Parlez vous Francais?

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Hey people,

I'm new one here, so welcome me ;)


I'm Armenian, so I know Armenian verrry well (I can say almost perfect :D)

I know Russian Verrrrrrrrry goood. spoken, reading, understanding, etc.. Есть тут русскоговорящие ? :)


I know English.. I guess, not bad.. I can read, write, talk.. etc..

I know French, not better than English but much better than Deutch, that was learning in my technical university )

Now I'm learning Italian and Dutch.. love Netherlands !

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I understand, speak and read English (but it's normal, I study the language in university)

I've learnt Italian and Spanish at school but... I almost forgot everything, I think :sick:

And last year I studied a little bit of modern Greek (but too hard to write it :D )

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English firt language

Spanish - background but i suck :embarrased:

Italian - mediocre

Indonesian- learned it at school- i know a full song but cant spell it

Japanes - know how to sing the opening song of anime Neon Genesis Evangelion have no idea what im singing though :confused:


bits and pieces of other languages just words

found this great site - check it out

free language lessons : german, spanish, italian, french


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how many languages? hmm... :)








the last two ones i've just started :D


and my BIGGEST dream is to learn japanes...mmmm :nice:


but in few months i want to start learning swedish, it's probably easier when u already know german and english :)


is it?

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spanish- i understand it and speak it very well.. i'd say 100%... but when it comes to reading and writing :/ i'm not that great.... i'm still tryin to improve

portuguese- i understand very little... and thats mostly b/c alot of the words sound the same as spanish, but i can't speak it

French- hmmm i'm suppose to have learnt this in school.... but nope! i understand like 5 words! thats so sad :(

and English..duh

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