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how many languages do you...


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Spanish-> write, speak, understand, read... claro, es mi idioma =)

English-> write, read, speak (Well, I try!)

Italian-> My italian suck/la verdad, no sabria nada de italiano si no fuera por un traductor


...No more...

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are u guys regular people or secret agents?!?! :lol: that's a lot of languages

I speak fluent english and spanish and crappy, really crappy italian... I can understand a few things

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español - speak, understand, write, read

guaraní - speak, understand, write, read, still learning

english - speak, understand, read, write, still learning

portuguese - read well and understand a little bit


in case that you want to know about guaraní, it's a native language from the pre-hispanic Paraguay, one of the two official langauges spoken in Paraguay by most of the population, please visit this link: http://gosouthamerica.about.com/od/guarani/ and learn more about the fascinating guaraní culture :) ;)

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german - speak, understand, write, read .... its my first language :cool:

english - speak, understand, write, read, still learning

frensh - speak, write, still learning

italian - speak

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slovene: native language.

english: fluently

german: learning for 3 years now, can speak and understand quite a lot

french: ummm... a bit of speaking and understanding; saying bonjour and excuse-moi, mais je ne parle pas francais like i was born french :cool:

spanish: ummmmmm.... not a lot, actually very little.

ok, understand croatian, serbian etc, talk too, not very well though. :embarrased:

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Swedish - native language

English - Second language, fluently

Spanish - understand, can write and speak some

French - read, etc, still learning

Italian - I understand some in writing! :D

Norwegian - understand, speak ??

Danish - understand


Not that much really. :P ;)

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