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Desperate Housewives

Lolly Pop

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moral decline of society at large


As strange as he phrased it, I totally agree there.


Its like society was already been softened and alienated by the idea of being unfaithful in marriage, now it'll be overkill. Women everywhere are relating to these girls, and whereas 20 years ago the thought of being 40 years old and having a younger man was nuts to a married woman, and now they consider the possibilities...


As for the show itself, utterly horrible. The worst part is the narrator, who doesnt even comment on anything she just tells you what is happening, and you can see for yourself! Her voice is so annoying, the show is so annoying.

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^^ gah. that's a first. i've never met a woman who didn't like sex and the city.


did you guys know pamela anderson was offered the role teri hatcher plays first? apparently they wanted her to die her hair brown and she wouldn't have it. ha. she must be kicking herself considering what a pop culture phenom the show seems to be becoming...

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FIRST POST, historic moment in my life. (ignore the MEXICAN FLAG, JUST SIGNIFIES I AM ONE BUT I LIVE IN USA) just saw post and no mexican flag is present. ignore the above


Answering the question no!!!. I saw the first episode and thought it was kind of lame. not very realistic. im more of an ALIAS girl

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