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Songs Meanings??


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I think Amsterdam is about a guy who broke up with the love of his life, and then kills himself because he can't live without her, and when she realized what he was planning, she tried to stop him, but was too late, and just found the guy hanging over the bridge, and she just cuts him loose.

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Well, I find that the songs have different meaning to me for each time I listen. At first, I would thin k Amsterdam was about a girl who really liked a boy, but just cut him loose later. But now, I think Jacobs idea sound very interesting. But I'm thinking that it's a boy who can't really tell his girl that he feels stuck on her, and really wants to break up, but she breaks up for him...

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and in regards to the whole Amsterdam thing, I think the whole 'cutting him loose' thing is metophorical of something bad that has happened rather than literal suicide, but the person Chris is singing to has 'cut him loose', as in saved him from that. To me this track is like Everything's Not Lost, in that its saying that there's hope, even when you're 'tied to a noose'

I dunno WHAT that was about :lol:

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