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Ever have a dream about Coldplay?

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:laugh4: yes the sad group which in detail means *we damn well missed coldplay when they were here so we are still feeling the after affect and kicking ourselves months later* :lol:





Yes we could raise a self torture club where we can update our skills to keep our self-punishment! :laugh3:

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exactly! usa has had so many dates! and yes u hear of people that have gone like 3 times this tour...and they get to go to festivals etc....i am not moaning at them i just am annoyed at myself as i cant go haha:laugh4:

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I will never ever forgive myself for not going when some people have gone so many times just this tour.. fuck my parents for not moving to miami when I was a baby and fuck the Us for being so friggin lucky without realising it :angry: :cry:



I blame universe for making me stay in Brazil. Why the hell i wasn´t born in UK? My soul is english believe me! :laugh3:

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Oh i got huge plans to this tour. I told my boss that i would throw myself under a bus to be released from work, i´d go to the show like a mummy and i´d propably get a good hot area place to watch the gig because people would feel sorry for me! My boss laughed and said that after realizing i´m completelly crazy he would be nice and release me for the show! But now...they won´t come...I mean WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY????

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IT has happened!



This is one is WEIRd.


Me and the friends/family are down in Texas, I think like Dallas, and there is a street fair that is going on. Suddenly I see a man put out a sign saying, new artist added to tonight's show! COLDPLAY! :stunned: eeep!

I demand we stay! I run and ask where to line up. He points to a rail! I am there in 2 seconds. I wait alll day. Finally the time comes. I have forgotten my camera! Square one starts. SHIT. For some reason I am sure that if I leave I can be back with a song to have my camera and get my spot back.


I leave and when I finally am back, there has been an intermission, where another act comes out and plays then Coldplay is supposed to come back on.

OMFG. IT was Pamela Anderson. FUCKING A. Every one is booing. People are leaving. She is wearing that silly furry hat. omg but just as I am about to get back to the rail. I wake up.




I hope never ever ever to have that dream again.

Who mentions Pam anderson lately on the board? hahaha!

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Oh I haven't had coldplay dreams in a while :angry:

but my brother dreamt that he was in the mall with his girlfriend and they saw chris and talked to him and he even sat with them and they talked for a while and then he said he was going to the bathroom and that he'll be back but they only waited for him for a little while and then left.. :laugh4:

I would have followed him to the bathroom :sneaky: :laugh4:

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I told Steph about a Coldplay dream I had! It was like a Clocks video alternative. I was drifting through space with the lads and we were looking at all the planets and talking about them etc...discussing creation and the like and then Chris takes a big breath and bursts into Clocks and we all played along. Me and Guy were both on bass by the way...quite interesting! We were spinning all around the universe and it was quite spectacular. Whether I would be allowed in an official video is another matter. Then on "Home, home. Where I wanted to go" we all shot off towards the earth as the delicate piano trailed off. Then I woke up.


See what a fan I am...I even dream in Coldplay! :P

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good but odd dream.


I was asleep ( in the dream) and I guess it was garbage day. And if you look out my window you can see into the street and see where we put our trash cans....

So I'm laying there and I hear the beep beep and vroom vroom of the garbage truck and then suddenly I hear TALK!

Except the drumming is super loud and I'm thinking " wtf"


Of course, it wakes me up because duh its Coldplay.



So I jump out of bed and look out and there's Will behind the garbage men, drumming on all the trash cans and I'm like "OMG!!!! WILL!!" but my window is closed and he doesn't hear me. They continue down the my street and it's like he's training like an athlete, running behind them, drumming on all the cans. He was wearing what he wore in that one pic that Mary and Angie took of him. Red/pink shirt and shorts and green Nikes!


I was so confused and then I ask my mom "WHY IS WILL CHAMPION OUT THERE!?" ( mind you, I am half asleep) and shes like " Oh he always does that, I mean aren't they working on a new album? He needs to practice."


The garbage truck playing Talk and Will drumming along behind it.


then I woke up.

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I dreamt I was in this man's car and he was supposed to drop me off at the station. However he said he'd drive to the next one. Then he slows down and we're in a dark alley, I try to upon the door but it's locked, he's coming closer and closer and I know I'm about to be raped THEN I suddenly sit in a train. I'm still shocked from what just happened (I think I just skipped the part in the middle, which was nice of me...). In front of are three of my aunts wearing odd hats and talking about dolls and toys. Then I look to my right and on the other side there is Gwyneth and Chris. I can't remember how but Gwyneth is suddenly integrated in the conversation my aunts are having. My aunts pull out a doll with blood all over it and then they pull out a normal one as well and give them to Gwyneth for the kids, and she's really grateful and they are all really friendly to each other (and if you knew my aunts you'd know what I mean). During all this Chris is sitting next to them looking from my aunts to Gwyneth and back and trying to smile politely but if wearing this really confused look because he doesn't understand German.

Then later I'm just eating this roll of paper and Chris is just going to the toilet, sees me and grins really broadly trying not laugh. I blush, spit out the paper and feel really embarrassed and exited at the same time.



Then I dreamt something about Jonny today. I was waiting for the concert to begin. I was somewhere in the mountins, I think Austria or Bavaria. I sit in this typical hut-restaurant (you know, with heart-shaped windows) trying to calm down my hostbrother who is totally stoned, then Jonny walks in. No one recognizes him and I'm all exited again. I want to go over to him...


and then woke up because i had to pee.

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