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What has happened to Linsay Lohan?


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Guest LiquidSky


I never really liked her she looks just awful now. She's sooooo skinny and her hair looked better red. She's only 18 and looks about 30 now :stunned:












Woaw...what the hell? She looks like she is 35 or something! :o

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since lindsay lohan's weight is a topic of interest, i thought i might share what i read on a blog mentioning her interview with teen vogue...apparently she thinks she's overweight compared to other starlets out there...


teen vogue: you lost a fair amount of weight recently. how has that affected your self -mage?



l. lohan: i lost a lot -like 20 pounds. suddenly you can fit into more, things look better, and that feels good. but compared to a lot of actresses my age, i'm actually overweight. there are so many really, really thin girls out there. which kind of confuses me. first of all, a lot of guys don't like that. secondly, [your audience] can't really relate to it- especially when there are kids involved. obviously it affected me. i was like, wow, i don't want to put that weight back on. but people have warned me. they're like, "don't get too thin."

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I actually think its just a bad picture of nicole.


Lyndsay is the real deal, I feel.


Not that Nicole is of NORMAL weight, she is too skinny, but not as skinny as the camera makes her look in that picture.

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