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Mark's Britney Spears Thread


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I saw this show, at least its not staged and scripted like Newlyweds (And if you think 90% of those clips are real, you are being idiotic- and the other 10% is made up of Jessica knowing exactly what she's doing).


She doesnt seem like the worst person in the world, she seems more down to earth then most celebrities (Wait til I explain why) because shes a normal girl who acknowledges the attention and loves it, unlike many credible artists who like to pretend there is no attention at all (When before their career started they would've craved it). And that's, something at least.


You can see what a bitch she is though, when she was going around asking everyone what their favourite sex position is and acting all outgoing, the people that didnt respond she'd turn the camera around and say "How laaaaaame is that, thats not even funny, thats laaaame". Yet, once her daring security people picked up the camera and (Timidly) asked her the same question, she suddenly gets very defensive and if the footage wasnt being aired she probably would have shown how a line had been crossed. Its pathetic like that.


I will be watching this show as much as I can (Luckily it gets played 50 times on E4) because I've always been interested in human behaviour and psychology, she is an interesting subject (Being the most famous pop star of the moment, or of the past few moments).

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A few nights ago, on a lazy stay in night, I had the misfortune of actually watching a full 5 minutes of this show. How did this ever become an actual series!? It was disgusting to watch. She's so weird. And she keeps talking about how their sex is so good. And they way she says sex makes me think that it's extra dirty. Yuck. Kevin Federline sucks. This show sucks. Booooooo.

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