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Your Gay/Bi Coldplaying Brothers and Sisters.


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Homosexuality exists throughout the animal kingdom I believe.


:confused: There's no logic reason in species' evolution for it.


no... there is... i read an article about it... they believe its a natural way to have a smaller male to female ratio. the less the males, the more competition. Thus homosexuality ensures reproductive success... if i can find the article i will post it



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my AP Biology teacher gave a short lecture on this... it was kind of cool... the christian kids in the class didnt like it though :confused:


No - I dare say they freaked out and reported the teacher to the "God police"!! :P

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i do agree... as a nation we will be one of the last. look at spain' date=' uk, netherlands, canada, new zealand... the list goes on...[/quote']



God I love Europe and Canada. America could learn a thing or two from them.

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