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Dani, I lovelovelove that last one you posted. It's original and it gives a great vibe of the city and all. Loved it.



While upping photos to my flickr, I decided to edit a bit some photos I never got round to even give a look to. So, all the set is in the account, but my favourite one:



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WOW! I need to look in this thread more...that's beauriful!


I just dropped in to say that the CCC CD Artwork thread is FINALLY open.:) There's a link in my sig, or you can find the thread in the CCC Forum.


All artists are invited to submit!

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wow andy, nice work, looks really ghoulish and haunted...


Thanks, it was a bit creepy taking photos in a cementary, but it's such a nice one in the city everyone does! And I even jumped into a tour while at it, quite interesting!




Here's another one of the set I like, for all of you who can't be bothered checking the whole account :wink2:



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Great pics Andy as always:D


Here are some of mine: A rather abstract pic of Las Vegas:P




And this one in the snow:




There are more at my flickr account, check it out! The link is in my sig. I know its not so great now,hahah, but It will be:D

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I really liked the first one, love the sense of movement in it, which of course talk a lot about the city in which it was taken!


Gonna check your account in a sec, probably add you to my contacts if that's okay?

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i feel a bit stupid posting in this thread, coz everyone is so talented and there are so many beautiful pics!! but there was a pretty sunset at my place a while back and i took lots of photos..so here's some..



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Oh thats beautiful Claire. There looks like there is a comet or something in the sky.

thanks Annie! :nice: i know hey, i only noticed it when i put them on the computer. i'm not sure what it is exactly. :stunned:

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