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^lol! of course it's ok, that tea set is SWEET :D


well i got a new camera :D and it's MUCH better than my old one. nothing big and extravagant, though, but it's good and i love it :nice:

so here are some of the first pics i took with it..



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Thanks, Annie, Josh and Annie :P :D


Josh: i got a Canon IXUS 60..just a pretty simple digital. it takes gorgeous clear pics though, and it's pretty much exactly what i wanted and was in my price range :D i love it. ooh and i love the pics you took at BDO, the one you posted here and the ones in the BDO thread :nice:


Thinker - brilliant pics as always.


Legal Princess - what a beautiful place, and great pics!


Annie - that wool/yarn (not quite sure which:confused: ) pic is cute! i like it.


Dani - those are gorgeous. your dog is CUTE!! :nice:

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Amazing pics everyone! :stunned:


Funny Josh, I took a pic of my eyes today too! :laugh4:



Your one is way better though, your eye looks incredible.


and took this one earlier as well:



Both taken with my new camera :cheesy: Early birthday prezi from my Mum :nice:

It's a pentax optio, I looooves it :dance:

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