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Label behaviour-just wrong


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Coldplay Fan Cam Contest Diary


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Ok.. so I was the “big” winner of the Fan Cam contest by Global Canada and EMI Records.

Day 1 March 21

We get to Toronto (four hour flight). Nothing special happens.

Day 2 March 22 (Show Day)


We meet with the record companyy reps in the hotel lobby where they tell us: It is an unprecidented event. We will have a meet and greet with the band. We will be taking cabs (at their expense) to the venue from the hotel. It will be an unforgettable event for us. We will have front row or possibly pit passes


We meet with the reps again..they ask us if we are ok with walking to the venue..we all said no way you promised us cabs. We show up and have to wait in line to get in the gate. They take us who are doing the filming..(5 pairs of winners..one person from each pair gets to film and get backstage). They say we will meet the famous director of the DVD and now MAYBE the band..

We are rushed through backstage…barely able to catch our breath..they show us the truck where they are doing the major filming for the DVD. The head guy from EMI UK tells us we may be able to come back to the truck when Coldplay is on so we can see what the pros are filming.

We come running back from the cold outside to the backstage area. We see Jon playing a game of ping pong..we all ask if we can take pics..the EMI chick just tries to usher us along while Jon, an absolute doll, tells us no problem..he will pose for pics..while crabby patty EMI chick just waits impatiently. She then takes us to meet the sound check guy and at that time we are promptly shoved back into the main area, where we get to sit in the 11 and 12th rows.

One poor girl who won the ocntest sold her row 5 tix..only to “win” row 12 ones. We were all seated side by side, so we all had the same view for our footage. We could only shoot the backs of peoples heads and were told oh well, thats the “fan” experience….who cares….

Then we complained about the not happening meet and greet that we were told about and got “oh well at least you got THIS much” as a response..they then forced us to film the concert at a crappy view, then took the tapes right after the show was done. Rushed us through an interview with Global Canda Entertainment Tonight, then ditched us. Left us in the middle of downtown Toronto. Most of us were visitors. Me and my sis came all the way from the other side of Canada and we had to walk the streets at midnight to get back to our hotel.

So CRAPPY experience. No fun at all. I had a waaay better time when I paid for myself to see them perform in Vancouver and the EMI PR’s for Canada sucks a big one. They lied to us about the entire prize package.

BUT.. Coldplay was awesome (as usual) great performers..just too bad they have a shitty label. [Thanks Suga2003]




that's just wrong wrong wrong.

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check this put.. the woman that told this girl every single lie regarding this told her how she slept next to Guy the night before and they called her personally in September to console her when her dad passed away..


yeah right.

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like i said on the official board..what would the band and the company itself say if they knew what person at such a high position that represents coldplay is saying publicly (espectially if it's true, which is kinda hard to imagine)?

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i don't know...the only thing i know is the period just before X&Y came out and during which Chris had a MAJOR chrisis. i'm sorry to say this but i think this comes to making or not making money. it's so depressing to which point music got.

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