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It's Sufjan Stevens... and The National. To me, it's quite interesting. Very, very, very interesting indeed. :bomb:

I mean, it's Sufjan.... he's like gotta release some new stuff. Sometimes I wonder if he's even alive... :bomb:


And fuck man, AAAAHHHGHGLJFljaf;ldja;fjdakf;a


/fangirl moment.


Funny how I find all this out when my The National binge started yesterday... :shifty:

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not sure if this has been posted here or not. but here is an interview from australian radio with the frontman.

Part one: Singer Matt Berninger spoke to Richard Kingsmill about the building interest in the band with the release of 5th album High Violet.



Part two: Matt Berninger talks more to Kingsmill about his lyrics and sexual phantasies.



its about 16mins in total.

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Yeah, but performances at Bonnaroo are full sets only, right? 90 minutes is a full set for The National.


I only caught the last 40 minutes, but loved it (as usual). High expectations for when I'm seeing them next month! :wacky:

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