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The majority of the people there are sitting. Such a shame. :freak:


But it looks like it's gonna be a normal set and so far their sets have been pretty much the same. I'm seeing them this summer (up to three times even), so I guess I'm not gonna stay up for this.



Seats. Criminal. :disappointed:

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What a fucking great performance! I'm glad I stayed up for it because it seems like the whole thing isn't on youtube anymore. I'm really tired though. :disappointed:


I particularly enjoyed Squalor Victoria (the shouting was so freaking awesome :awesome:), England, Runaway and Mr. November (crowdwalkclimb xD). Vanderlyle and Conversation 16 (premature applause :lol:) were a little sloppy. I don't think I nodded of, so they didn't play About Today, right? The crowd was really awkward though. It seemed as if they barely enjoyed it. And the place was so empty. I mean, when I go to a gig it's usually really crowded (unless only half of the tickets are sold, but I don't think that's the case here) and here the place almost looked deserted. And I'm anti seats. :tongue:


Matt basically called us European diehards losers. Nice. By the way, he really doesn't know what to do with himself on stage whe he's not singing, does he? :D

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Yeah I'm SO glad I stayed up too, well worth it! The whole thing was bloody amazing. :bomb: The filming was also beautiful. I didn't realize there was so many instruments in their song before :surprised: and I really loved that.

As for the crowd it was horrible at the begining. Especially when Matt went into the crowd and took some people by the hand to make them stand up and they immediately sat back :o What The Fuck !!! But then I thought they seemed to really enjoy it!

I particulary enjoyed "Secret Meeting" and they just made my night when they played "Slow Show" :wacky: and of course all the High Violet songs!


And yeah, he called us "loney people" :disappointed: !! Ok, maybe he has a point lol :P

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Freaking hell. I missed this and then I went to check out their youtube channel. They've uploaded some vids already, but it's unavailable in Sweden due to Copyright reasons. Blech. :( I'll see if my proxy lets me load it.

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did anyone see them do their live webcast? I didn't, but I'm starting to think I should have.


I have yet to get their new album, though. :(



edit. woops. apparently I wasn't paying attention and I didn't jump to the last page like I thought I did.

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I am on The National's thread AND I saw the name Sufjan Stevens... SOMEONE TELL ME WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON COS MY HEART IS ABOUT TO EXPLODE. :bomb:

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