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The "I Can't Believe There isn't a Thread about Eels" Thread

Black Rose

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a friend of mine is obsessed with them!

but i don't really know them besides that christmas track they did...

think it was called "Christmas Is Going To The Dogs".

pretty good one.

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Eels set Superbowl record


Eels are rumoured to be planning the shortest TV advert of all-time, for broadcast during the US Superbowl next month.


Band leader Mark Everett is understood to have put together the one second commercial to promote their upcoming rarities release.


The band were unable to afford a full-length ad, during what is thought to be amongst the most expensive air-time on the global TV calendar.


Traditionally, broadcasters charge $100,000 a second to promote goods and services, a figure out of reach of Eels' budget for an extended clip.


According to unconfirmed reports from the band's label, Polydor Records, the commercial will go out on February 3 and see the group's singer uttering the first letter of the new compilation.


A full-length, five second version, to promote Eels' "Useless Trinkets" collection, will then air online after the game.

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The more you know, the more your eyes squint!


So is the universe random, or is there order?:P (I favor the idea that "random" is actually not a real concept, but ever increasing states of all things are really what "random" is, and it is this that drives the universe. In my mind, God is blowing soap bubble through a soda straw in the drinking glass (& that is the compete universe.. A Mister Bubble Universe!) And we're just part of the mid-sized bubble, a little to the left of center.:laugh3:


Yes, Eels sound incredibly creative - if time permits, I will check them out!


PS- Random is that little extra-foamy stuff off to one side on the frappuchino..

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Eels reveal new album tracklisting

'Hombre Lobo' is released this June


Eels have revealed the details around their new album, 'Hombre Lobo'.


The LP, which is released on June 1, was recorded in frontman Mark 'E' Oliver Everett's Los Angeles studio.


The tracklisting is as follows:



'That Look You Give That Guy'

'Lilac Breeze'

'In My Dreams'

'Tremendous Dynamite'

'The Longing'

'Fresh Blood'

'What's a Fella Gotta Do'

'My Timing Is Off'

'All The Beautiful Things'

'Beginner's Luck'

'Ordinary Man'




Brilliant :D

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