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You know you're addicted to Coldplay when...

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Your addicted to Coldplay when your sick and you think that there would be nothing better then to have a big bowel of icecream and watch Live 2003 or The MTV World Stage.


I really want to do that right now but:

1. I'm not sick. :lol:

2. I really should get to sleep soon.

3. I have to finish my essay and math homework!

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For me I wouldn't say that Coldplay is my WHOLE life... but it's a very huge part of it. I'm also obbssed with Harry Potter, Art, and Taking pictues... But Coldplay is my biggest obsession.


Woo Harry Potter! ^



I know! I'm sorry, I can't help myself!!


it's fine^




When you stay on Coldplaying.com for the majority of your day until very late at night and you're proud of it.

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Yes, I am very very fortunate that somehow magically all three of us LOVE them! We didn't even have to struggle about getting anyone obsessed! I feel like Coldplay was put into my life to bring me closer to these two and to show me who my real friends are!:D cheesy but true


I agree totally!

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THAT'S AWESOME! HAHA! After I read this last night, I said, I want a dream like that!

Unfortunately, I actually did have a dream last night where I met Guy Berryman.... and he was a midget. :( It was so scary....


omg how very scary! :stunned: but still kinda cute! I mean he is Guy you know ;)


When you want to use the forum's smilies everywhere :D

...and you can't :bigcry:


I have the forum smilies on msn!! :D:D you know how you can like add your own smilies and stuff. and everytime I type in chris/guy/jonny/will I get the smilie :chris:/:guy:/:jonny:/:will: :lol: tho that's annoying if i'm writing in english and when i try to write sentence 'will you come to school today?' for example, then Wills head pops up :D


sorry for replying for such old posts, it sucks that there's almost no one here during the day (i'm sick at home and very bored) :(

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I'm exited about the blog very much lookign forward to spending the night stalking it intensly :D

So I'm goo too! And my mum is bringing me ice cream coz I'm sick so I think I'll do like some other coldplayer here mentioned and eat that and watch some live 2003 ;) Or maybe I should try to memorize some of the spanish Ari tought me! yo amo a coldplay VIVA! ;)

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I know, I can't stop smiling of exitement! It's one hell of a rush of blood to the head :smug:

I'm in a blog rush too, tho now I have to go away for a few minutes :S I'm afraid they'll post while i'm away :cry:

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You knows your addicted to Coldplay when you looked at all the answers to the questions that people asked the Oracle.

Ahaha I always do that!


I'm always hoping that an important question will be answered.

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When you've been following the live blog obsessively and repeatedly emailing the anchorman begging for photos of Chris and when he finally puts them on the blog you run downstairs(actually more like tripped downstairs) and run around in circles screaming and jumping on furniture.

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