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Actually Lovers in Japan (Though its acoustic) thread! The Discussion thread

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Just checked the news section and you can download an acoustic version of Lovers In Japan :D :D I'm very impressed :D You can download it from the link on the news page :D Go see if you've not already seen it :D I love it what does everyone else think?

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In my humble opinion,




I honestly have been listening to it on loop for an hour. This is the first time Coldplay has made me cry since AROBTH.


I don't even want to the the non-acoustic, that mandolin thing is incredible.


Also wondering what the Greys Anatomy song is?









God i can't stop listening to this song....

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most likely its daahf but i guess we can't be sure



and this should be my thread not the hitcher


just kidding ireally dont care


:laugh3: you can claim this thread Winigwl, it's ok with me :D :D I'm just happy we've got another new song to listen to yipee :D :D :D

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This is like Sleeping Sun, but 10 times better, and more atmospheric. It's perfect.


I don't see how the album version will be able to improve on this.

I was thinking that too... it has the same sort of feeling to it as sleeping sun. And since that was my favorite song of all X&Y, I can't say I'm disappointed. :cool:
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