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Justin Timberlake Inspires Coldplay Album


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Justin Timberlake was the inspiration for Coldplay's new album Viva La Vida Or Death And All His Friends, according to frontman Chris Martin.


The band's drummer Will Champion is such a fan of Timberlake's hit track Cry Me A River, he used it as inspiration for one of their's tracks, Lost!


Martin says, "One song we're always trying to chase is Cry Me A River in terms of the beats and everything.I know that is one of Will's favourite songs. And he did all the drums on Lost!"



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Lost? There are no drums in the version i've heard - what version is that? I thought that was the album version?


I think the version that is already known is "Lost?" which is an acoustic version of the album song "Lost!".

There is a clip somewhere (don't know where exactly, but I'm sure you'll find it on Youtube unless it has been removed again by EMI..) with an interview and a short snippet of "Lost!" in the background and it has quite the hip-hop beat! I liked what I heard so far..

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No sir, you have heard the acoustic version titled Lost? We have only had snippets of Lost! which is the album version.


Thanks for the info - was more of a piano version

can't wait to here the album version next week then


is this snippet available online anywhere to hear?

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Good gosh people...how bout I just say I have the entire record in CD quality ready to d/l...you people seem to believe everythings...haha.


Tell me what part of the album verision that we heard in the background of that interview sounds like it was JT influenced...relax people he's joking.

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nah dont worry mate! chris is just jokin. he loves winding up the media! in fact, they dont like him at all. i saw a MTV interview where coldplay was on one side, JT on the other. chris turned to timberlake and said: we dont care about our looks and being handsome, we care about the music :D. there is another video on you tube where chris makes fun of him in a show!

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