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NME: Unrealesed Songs to be Released


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surely the recordings are "only" live recordings that are spread all over the internet anyway, but still I LOVE OFFICIAL RELEASES. hope this will be good

it would be very ambitioned to expect songs written by starfish to be released... BUT not impossible... HOPEHOPEHOPE!

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A stripped-down version of Coldplay's 2000 hit 'Shiver'.




Who wants to bet it would be the same live version of Shiver as found on the Trouble Single?


The nme using coldplay's name to promote the new deal between EMI and the BBC, so like the deal between Sony BMG and the BBC and not forgetting the deal between the BBC and Universal.


Hopefully this will led to a brilliant 3rd live lounge album

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if this is what i think it is, meaning more than just the ONE song...this is my ultimate coldplay dream, short of being IN coldplay or something. if this means an unreleased tracks album, like with deserter and so sad and some of the other unreleased track names we know of....:dead:


i cannot believe this. i think i need to put my head between my knees. :P

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You do know this deal is only for songs they have recorded with the BBC, so Deserter will remain unreleased.


because EMI has to be heavily involved in this deal, i'm thinking that there's a slight possibility that they would try to make the most of this venture by putting a few unreleased songs on there, or giving them to the BBC to use. they could use any sort of marketing ploy to make money these days, and putting a sticker on the front of a release saying "PREVIOUSLY UNRELEASED COLDPLAY TRACKS" would probably make even MORE money than just an album of live songs. of course, i could be totally wrong, but they're looking to make any sort of big money these days, and what's better than releasing a couple of unheard tracks from their biggest band? i think they'd let the BBC have at least a couple.

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