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Coldplay to team up with Miley Cyrus?!


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Coldplay singer, Chris Martin, says he would like to tour with teen Disney actress, Miley Cyrus, in a bizarre musical match up.


Martin, 31, revealed his secret admiration for the Hannah Montana actress and aspiring pop singer, 15, saying: 'I like Miley Cyrus... I like the TV show.'


Quizzed on a possible touring team up, the Viva la Vida singer, said: 'I'd do it. Anyone we like or respect, no matter how different they may be, we would play with.


'She's doing something quite different... I just think she seems to have a sweet character.'


Tell us below, would you like to see Coldplay and Miley duet?

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Guest LiquidSky

uhhhhhhhh well in that case. They can do a duet with me!! But to answer the question... not really.

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He pulls the cheap crap t shirts off the market but is willing to work with cheap talentless crap fame whores.


Very well said. I definitely agree with you. I just don't get all the hype over Miley Cyrus. She is overexposed and overrated.


Anyway I think Chris was joking -- at least I hope so. :\

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I'm pretty sure he was making a joke as well. The thought of him sitting around watching Hannah Montana is a pretty funny one though.


forcing Apple to watch it with him so he can pretend he's not the one who actually watches the show :lol:

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You know, when I listened to the radio interview I was thinking, who is Miley? Now that you've brought it up I just done a quick youtube search and came across, Seven things, I think it's called. Anyway I think that It would be very funny. But like so many have already pointed out, I think Chris has a great way with people and was being good hearted. :)

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